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Casanigma: Discover the mysterious Casablanca!

Casanigma is the new online game that will make you travel in every corner of the metropolitan city of Casablanca. Launched by the Renault’s Casablanca branch during their annual event: “the Ramadan Expo”, it will keep you company throughout the month of Ramadan with beautiful prizes to win. Namely, a trip to Thailand and two Emotion Box travel packs.

The concept is simple: a shady young man tags some mysterious symbols in the city. The player’s mission is to explore the city, find these symbols, and answer puzzles all relating to Casablanca: its history, peculiar neighborhoods, emblematic places, places of culture and finally its legends. Something to make you discover or rediscover this city of a thousand and one stories.

What makes this game so original is the idea of ​​symbols in light painting, a photographic technique with both aesthetic and attractive rendering. Behind this technology, is Studio Light-painting. A team of artists, engineers and marketers found their passion and profession in this art of light painting. This studio has seized famous locations in the city of Casablanca, and put his skills and talent to the benefit of Casanigma.

In addition, 360° images are incorporated into the game giving a more complete panoramic view of the city, and adding to the difficulty of the game when it comes to finding the mysterious symbols well hidden in the twilight of the city.

As you can imagine, the game is not so simple! Finding each symbol on 360° images and solving puzzles about the mysteries of the city of Casablanca is not easy. That’s why we have to hang on and let the best win!

To put yourself on the winning podium, you must solve all the puzzles and accumulate the most points. For that, social networks are your best allies. The more the game is shared and the more we invite friends, the more points we accumulate.

Casanigma is already online at So you too, be part of the Casanigma community and try to win a trip!

Discover Casanigma’s making of as well 😉