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The Rolling Notes : MAYMKENCH2026

Today, we witnessed the return of SAAD ABID to where the #Maymkench2026 campaign was designed: Share Conseil! A file on this adventure is being prepared… Stay Tuned!

Who hasn’t heard of “Operation # Maymkench2026”? Launched by Saad Abid, a video creator, environmentalist, adventurer, social entrepreneur and speaker, this challenge has been extensively covered, both on the web and in the media.

#Maymkench2026 aimed to bring together the greatest number of celebrities, in order to contribute by giving a new breath to Morocco’s bid for the organization of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The mission was successful!

Share Conseil, web marketing and brand entertainment agency, co-designed the #Maymkench2026 operation. We met them to get a look behind the scenes of this challenge. Achraf Lemnini, CEO of the company, kindly enlightened us. An exclusive interview!

Share Conseil co-designed operation #Maymkench2026. What were you been hiding from us?

Nothing really… We did not take it to the roofs shouting and screaming, because we had to let the adventure live and develop naturally, but our close circle of customers and partners knew about it.

Explain to us how this project came to life ?

Saad is an old friend of Share Conseil. When he saw all the current initiatives to promote Morocco’s bid to organize the FIFA 2026 World Cup, he decided to take action and make a contribution. This is where he came to see us, his partners, in order to help develop his idea and turn it into a digital campaign. His genius idea, as you all know now, was to travel to 26 countries in 26 days to meet 26 football celebrities who will support the Moroccan bid.


What was the role of Share Conseil exactly?

We started from the brief to develop different layers, which made the campaign what it became :

  • Strategic planning : It was imperative to develop a strong symbolism like what the Americans had done in the context of the famous viral campaign: #IceBucketChallenge. The problem in our case was the skepticism of Moroccans following the announcement of the #Morocco_2026 bid. Indeed, the internet drowned in sarcastic messages that considered this initiative as a fifth vain attempt by Morocco to organize an event that far exceeds its capabilities as a nation.
  • Storytelling : Give a new breath to this Moroccan bid with a deflated football, which illustrates the low morale of our fellow citizens, and which the celebrities will contribute to inflate.
  • Commitment : Encourage Moroccans to change their perception by imitating celebrities with videos where they will also give their breath to our bid.
  • Web platform : We have set up the website, which retraces the adventure and allows collection of new breath.
  • Media : Through posts and video sponsoring in paid media, and thus prepare the organic relay.

What about “Com’en Ciel”, the agency of Saad and Zineb?

In addition to initiating the entire project, the agency and its team managed:

  • The relationship with celebrities: An important job that has allowed this campaign to take on such huge magnitude.
  • The prod and post-prod videos: Saad was on tour alone and recorded the videos himself with his editor who ensured the post-production of all videos.
  • Moderation of Social Media accounts, responding to a maximum of fans.
  • The press relationship, which was managed by his partner in life and at the agency, Zineb.
  • Partnerships with a few brands, including Inwi, who have believed in him and in this adventure from the beginning.

Sounds great! But how were you paid?

I wasn’t in cash. We always believed in Saad and we knew he would go all the way. Being embarked with him in this adventure was a gratification in itself. We also financed the Media component until Morocco’s bid committee for the 2026 World Cup organization contacted Saad to cover all expenses.

Allow us to rephrase that question. Why did you do that?

For two reasons. The first is our duty as a corporate citizen to contribute to a national cause. The second, because we knew from the first meeting with Saad that it will be a success, and that we’ll be able to turn it into a campaign that would win awards on an international level.

Did you know from the beginning that it’s going to be so huge?

Not at all! We had no guarantees it was going to be as “Huge”. Samuel Eto’o was exceptional in getting us Iniesta and Messi so early in the campaign, and Saad was stratospheric! Videos, he always made, but here he delivered a performance worthy of international standards. For the Media Coverage, a special tribute must be paid to Zineb, who managed PR like a Pro!

Any figures to share with us?

The result we had sought (change of perception) is visible to the naked eye. Moroccan people began to express their support for this bid, the international media covered the campaign and enabled us to reach the public opinion of the voting countries. As a bonus, we have a campaign that has every chance of winning in the biggest international advertising festivals!

Last question. Do you really believe that we will win?

Very sincerely, I think Morocco already won the day he decided to run for the 5th time. This national attitude initiated by our sovereign King commands respect. We are part of the group of nations that do not give up and, if unfortunately we do not win against the United alliance, I would take the fact that we stood up for the fifth time and we fought. As for Saad and the agency, our goal was not for Morocco to win the bid, but to make sure that Moroccan people change their attitude… And on this part, the verdict has already been pronounced by Internet.